Kyrgyz mountains

The picturesque Issyk-Ata in the mountains Kyrgyzskogo Ridge is very popular among residents of the capital, Bishkek. Here is the resort "Issyk-Ata" is famous for its thermal springs and clinics. The mountain ranges are full of a variety of colors that adorn the slopes of the mountains, and even rock.
Lake Sary-Chelek. Amazing beautiful corner of nature in the south of Kyrgyzstan, at an altitude of 1940 meters above sea level. The lake is located in the relict walnut-fruit forests and is a natural complex biosphere resorts.
One of the highest points of the Tien Shan mountain system - Khan-Tengri (6995 m). Beautiful and proud of the top attracts climbers. All in all territory of Kyrgyzstan are 14 peaks over 6000 meters above sea level and 26 peaks higher than Mont Blanc - the highest point of Europe.
Over 90% of Kyrgyzstan is mountainous. These glaciers feed lakes and rivers that carry fresh water to Central Asia. Lenin Peak (7134m.).
Glitter in the sun, cut into the sky gigantic peaks, crowned with eternal snows. No wonder they called Tien-Shan - Celestial Mountains. Pobeda Peak - 7439 meters above sea level.
O in the eastern part of Kyrgyzstan, on the border with China is South Inylchek - one of the largest glaciers in the world. Length - 62 km, width - 3.5 km, the thickness of the ice 2oo meters - Kyrgyzstan is the land of nomads.        - this country is perfect for trekking. - Nomadic land is waiting for you! - Now you can have a tour in Kyrgyzstan. - Choose trekking tours here.             


From this moment you can have any kind of tours in Kyrgyzstan with the help of Difficult tours with border permition can be made by For people that need visa support we can suggest to write to For getting general info please get in contact with The information of border control and custom in Kyrgyzstan is on In Kyrgyzstan you can have unforgettable trekking and horse riding tours!     



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