Kyrgyzstan flora

Among other ethnic groups should be called Germans who were deported from the Volga region during the Second World War. Although the Germans have their own schools and newspapers, many of them after the declaration of independence of Kyrgyzstan immigrated to their historical homeland. Tajik, Iranian-speaking people, mainly concentrated in areas adjacent to the border of Tajikistan. Chinese Muslims - Dungan - first appeared in Kyrgyzstan in 1877, after the defeat of the Dungan revolt in China. They still speak a dialect of Chinese.
Flora of Kyrgyzstan is very diverse, not less than one quarter of all species are endemic. Tien Shan is characterized by a forest belt of the Tien Shan spruce, which is above is replaced by thickets of juniper and subalpine meadows. In the northern mountains framing the Ferghana Valley are preserved in some places nut wood (walnut). In high prevalent subalpine and alpine meadows that have been used for many years under the summer pastures for sheep. At the highest levels of relief are widely developed subnival with stone placers and snowfields. Herbaceous plants there are extremely few, common mosses and lichens. In the ephemeral desert foothills, semi-deserts and dry steppes above shifting shrubs and woodlands.

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