Nature of Kyrgyzstan

In the highlands, home to mountain goat teke, mountain sheep argali, leopard, stone marten, red wolf, gray and red mountain marmots. In the forest belt of mountainous common deer, wolves, weasels, wild boar, lynx, brown bear, fox, marten. For the steppe foothills and adjacent plains area is characterized by numerous species of rodents, including yellow, gopher, great coney, red-tailed gerbil, various reptiles of ungulates - gazelle, birds - partridge, bustard, etc.
Nature of Kyrgyzstan is unique and diverse. Mountain ranges alternate with valleys, lakes, forests and alpine meadows. Tien-Shan Mountains abound in caves. In Kyrgyzstan, there are about two thousand lakes. Among them, the rare beauty stands Alpine lake-sea of ​​Issyk-Kul.
Frost salt lake Issyk-Kul - the pearl of Kyrgyzstan. One of the largest and deepest alpine lakes in the world. Depth in some places reaches almost 700 meters.
Precipitation inflict blows on the relief slopes of barren clay hills, quaint.
Waterfalls in the mountains Chatkal Range (Osh region). Hundreds of tourists come to admire the sparkling water cascades, plunge into the cool misty spray. Cascade waterfalls.
Rock paintings, some of the most interesting and enigmatic ancient sites of Central Asia. They are found everywhere.
Rock paintings carved on separate stones, smooth surfaces of clastic rocks of basalt. Knockout produced bronze and iron tools cleavage point.

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